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New Neighbor Information

The following information is provided for the convenience of new residents, or people interested in learning about our neighborhood. It is not intended to endorse the merchants listed. The list is based upon recommendations from Fletcher Place neighbors.

1. How can I get involved in the neighborhood association? 

2. Do I need authorization to change the exterior of my house?

  • If you are north of Virginia Ave, you are located in the portion of the neighborhood that is under historic preservation and should contact the IHPC (317-327-4408) to see if your changes require a COA (Certificate of Appropriateness).

3. What is the difference between the Fletcher Place District and the Holy Rosary Danish Church District? 

  • Our Neighborhood Association supports two distinct historic districts that make up one neighborhood, Fletcher Place. Virginia Avenue separates the Fletcher Place Historic District to the north and the Holy Rosary Danish Church District to the south. For more information, click here.

4. What parks are nearby?

The neighborhood is fortunate to have its own park, as well as multiple parks and trails within a mile:

5. Where is the nearest Public Library?

6. Where is the closest shopping mall?

  • Circle Center Mall, has dining and entertainment options and is located at 49 West Maryland Street.

7. Where is the Post Office and other delivery services?

  • US Post Office: Main Office, 125 W. South St.
  • Circle City branch: 456 N. Meridian St.
  • Garfield Branch: 1636 E. Legrande Ave.
  • Fed Ex: located on the Circle, 800-463-3339
  • UPS: 133 W. Market located between Monument Circle and the Capital, 317-236-0009

8. Where is the closest hardware store?

  • Fusek’s True Value Hardware – 350 E. New York St.
  • Ace Hardware – 3833 N. Illinois St.
  • American Hardware & Supply – 1018 Virginia Ave.
  • Sullivan Hardware – 4838 N. Pennsylvania St.

9. Where is the closest pharmacy?

  • CVS 24-hour Stores, 336 Delaware St.
  • Walgreens 24-hour Store, 1530 N. Meridian St.
  • Bio Scrip Pharmacy, 342 Massachusetts Ave.

10. What Grocery Stores serve downtown residents?

  • Needler’s Fresh Market in Lockerbie Marketplace, 320 N. New Jersey St.
  • Whole Foods Market, 320 E. Market St.
  • Kroger, 524 E. 16th St.

11. What are the options for Dry Cleaners?

  • Classic Cleaners, 350 E New York St

12. Where is the nearest Veterinarian?

13. Where are the closest Hospitals?

Indianapolis is fortunate to have outstanding medical practitioners and services. The downtown resident has several excellent choices:

  • Methodist Hospital, I-65 & 21st St.
    Physician Referral/Clarion On Call – 916-3525
  • IU Hospital, 550 University Blvd., 274-5000
    Physician Referral/Clarion On Call – 916-3525
  • Wishard Health Service, 1001 W. Tenth St., 639-6671
    Physician Referral – 655-2255
  • Other emergency care and specialized treatment centers are located throughout the metro area.

14. How can I find out about childcare options?

15. Where do I vote?

16. How does trash collection work? 

  • Trash Cart Program: For information on the Trash Cart Program, click here.
  • Trash Collection: For information on Trash collection times, including Heavy Trash pickup, click here.
  • Hazardous Waste: For information on Hazardous Waste Drop off Sites, click here.
  • Curbside Recycling: For information on Curbside recycling, click here.
  • Drop-off Recycling: For information on Recycling Drop-off Locations, click here.
  • Non-Standard Recycling: For information on Non-Standard Recycling options, click here.
  • Illegal Dumping: Please report illegal dumping to the police by calling 317-327-3811

17. Is there a neighborhood Crime Watch?

The neighborhood has two sources for crime watch information: a Facebook page and a page on the Next Door app.

18. Mayor’s Action Center:
 317-327-4622 or click here

19. Police Non-Emergency Number:

New Neighbor Information

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