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Meeting Information

Association meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month, starting at 6:30 pm.  To get added to the agenda, please contact President@FletcherPlace.Org

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

–  Introductions / Welcome new attendees

–  Acceptance of Last meeting’s minutes

Updates from Elected Officials, the Mayor’s Office and IMPD

–  Hear the latest info from the people that are here to support and represent our neighborhood.  It’s always a very informative conversation.

Land Use (Code Compliance/Zoning/IHPC)

–  At this point we discuss requests for an IHPC Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) or zoning requests. The petitioner presents their request asking for support of the association. If the Land Use Committee has had a chance to review the request before the meeting, a representative will present their recommendation for the request. Finally, all paid association members in attendance can vote whether or not to support the request.

–  Any violations are presented, which may include code compliance issues (such as grass/weeds needing trimmed, abandoned building needing boarded up, etc) or work being done without a certificate of appropriateness.

Committee Updates

–  Each committee chairperson shares any updates. To make meetings run more efficiently, most of the detailed discussions occur at the committee meetings and then at the neighborhood meetings we are given updates to the progress on key initiatives. For more info on the committees click here.

Old Business

–  Any items that have carried over from previous meetings are covered at this point.

New Business

–  The meetings end with everyone having a chance to bring to discussion any items that are affecting them and they feel will be of interest to the association.

New Neighbor Information

Welcome to the neighborhood! We have all the resources you need to help ease your move.

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